Some causes of child labor were poverty. Many children and theirfamilies were in need of money and jobs. Due to children having limited access to education, they had no other choice but to work all day. People felt that if poor children worked, they would keep themselves out of trouble. Because many people thought that child labor was good, there were limited prohibitions on child labor. Some causes of the movement were the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire in 1911. Many people died, and Americans became simpathetic. More people began to think child labor was wrong. 
  The Children's Rights Movement was successful because many children began to go on strike and protest. Over time, President Taft, found out about the terrible conditions and the low wages children had. He forced factory owners to raise salaries and pay over-time. In 1938, most Americans and congress believed that children should be in school, instead of working. A law was then passed to end child labor for good. Also, today in the U.S, children are not forced to work against their will.

  This cartoon is showing big companies bidding poor children. The bidders are shown big , meaning that they have a lot of money. On the other hand, the liitle children being sold, look very skinny and in bad conditions. In some cases, poor children had no choice but to work all day, and they were practically owned by their bosses.