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   Unfortunatley, child labor still continues today in countries outside of the U.S, and in conditions as bad as in the factories 150 years ago. In Africa, one child in three works and in Latin America, one child in five works. In these two continents, only a tiny portion of child workers, work in the formal sector. Most of these children work for their families in fields, homes, or on the streets. The amount of child laborers varies a lot among countries. Other common jobs for children include prostitution, factory work, mining, selling foods, cleaning garbage, and doing other odd jobs. Children start to work these jobs when they are as little as 3 or 4 years old. They do not get a say in whether they want to work or not; they are forced to work mostly because of poverty.

This website provides a lot more information about the child labor that still goes on today. It explains why child labor occurs, gives statistics, explains how to prevent it, and more.