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   Child Labor started in the 1870's because of industrialization. People began to move to to the cities to work in factories. Factory owners wanted to save money, so they started hiring children. Factory owners hired children because they were willing to work harder and longer than adults, for less pay. Factory owners even followed children home to convince their parents to send them to work. Children were getting hurt because factory owners were giving them dangerous jobs. Children's health became worse because some children worked in coal mines. They were given jobs such as sifting coal in small dark mines. Their lungs would get filled with dust and other pollutants, making them die earlier than they should. Other children were hunched over all day, giving them back problems. Some children were newsies which was a dangerous job for little kids because they could get ripped-off or hurt by adults. There were also children who shucked oysters wearing no shoes, and the smell was terrible. Many americans wanted poor children to work because they thought that they would steal or get into trouble if they didn't work.